My dream has always been to start a business in hospitality. I have always enjoyed working with people and assisting them with their needs. This is what made me feel like I needed to find a venture that I didn’t mind doing that could help someone at the same time. My first venture was selling gift baskets. Because I am an over-the-top person when it comes to beautiful things, I always tried to sell top-of-line baskets. My goal was to make customers smile each time I sold a gift basket. Then I ran a cleaning company. Because I am a detailed person, I provided only White Glove cleaning. My customers were always happy with my work. I also ran a wedding service. I was creative and knew how to decorate and set up events to set the tone while putting things together in an elegant manner. Again, my customers liked my work. With all these businesses, I was just exploring to figure out what I really wanted to do in the Hospitality world. In between exploring all these different ventures, I went to college and got an MBA in business, wrote a book on Credit Repair, and worked for the Federal Government. I was not happy punching someone else’s clock. It was a necessary evil at that time because I had to support my family. Now that I am past all of this, I am still interested in the hospitality field. With all my different ventures and going to college, I learn a lot about operating a business. Many of my family and friends had different views on my business ideas, they thought that I was wasting my time and energy. What I did learn was that it is lonely trying to get to the top. I also realized that God does not show people your vision. Therefore, people don’t understand the vision that God has set for someone else. With that being said, I have decided that Airbnb would be the way to go. I get a chance to cater to the customer’s needs. I get a chance to make them smile and show them that the hotel industry is not the only place where they can get comfortable. I do understand how it is important when on travel to be able to relax. My Travelers Home has almost everything that will make a customer comfortable and relaxed during their stay!!

This is my story.

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